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What is Herbal medicine?

Modern practice of western medical herbalism combines ancient knowledge of nature, plants and people with up to date scientific research on plant constituents and medical practice.

Herbal medicine or Phytotherapy (phyto= plant) is the use of plants as medicines. Plants are powerful chemical synthesisers and so produce many compounds that can be utilised as medicine. Modern Phytotherapy uses the most up to date research to inform its practice. We combine medical knowledge and skills with the scientific understanding of plant medicines. As herbalists we take an holistic approach to our clients and use whole plant extracts rather than refined chemical drugs. We consider the natural energetics of the plant and the constitutional character of the person when we formulate treatment plans.

Plant spirit medicine. As we appreciate that humans have a life force and spiritual element, we also acknowledge that plants and the natural world are an important part of this also, feeding into and enriching the medicine that we offer.

We appreciate that humans like plants are complex organisms, our bodies have evolved to recognise and use the components of plants to strengthen themselves into health. For this reason we use the whole part of the plant, be it root, leaf, bark or flower as our medicine.

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Herbalist Training

Today, herbalists are trained to degree level.

As well as learning our herbs and their effects on the body, our training includes pathology, pharmacology and in-depth nutrition and counselling in order to provide complete holistic care for our clients.

Medical herbalists undergo a rigorus and extensive 4 year training including in depth study of, Physiology and Pathology, Medical Pharmacology, Herbal Materia Medica and Interactions, Clinical Skills and Differential Diagnosis, Nutritional Therapy, counselling, Functional Medicine testing and Botany.

Herbalists are trained to intergrate their practice with traditional medical practice and communicate with other health professionals.

Herbal Medicine: About
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