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About Lis

Lis holds an honours degree in Herbal medicine and Health sciences from the School of Integrated Medicine at the University of Westminster in London.

After graduating in 2007, Lis set up practice at Challick Wood, the smallholding she shares with her partner and family in the Brendon hills in Somerset.

Throughout my life I have had two great interests; to appreciate & understand the deep powers of the natural world and to learn the creative skills necessary for sustaining ourselves within.

For me, herbal medicine is an ultimate expression & exploration of the intricate relationship we have with the natural world. To find that all around us are powerful medicinal plants, ready to help ease and enhance our journeys through life is a wonderful and inspiring thing to me. The practice of herbal medicine not only deepens our relationships to plants and nature but to one another also.

One of my passions is creating herbal medicines especially from locally grown or responsibly wild crafted herbs.

In practice I am especially interested in how herbs can support our emotional and mental health and how this in turn affects our physical health. The area known as psychoneuroimmunology. The natural world seems to have given us an astounding array of herbs with differing properties to help us deal with all the variances of human moods and emotions . This allows a broad gamut of treatment options for individuals. Other areas of special interest are digestive and hormonal health.

Image by Maria Shanina
Image by Maria Shanina
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Herbalist Training

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Today, herbalists are trained to degree level.

As well as learning our herbs and their effects on the body, our training includes pathology, pharmacology and in-depth nutrition and counselling in order to provide complete holistic care for our clients.

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Herbalists are trained to intergrate their practice with traditional medical practice and communicate with other health professionals.

Medical herbalists undergo a rigorus and extensive 4 year training including in depth study of, Physiology and Pathology, Medical Pharmacology, Herbal Materia Medica and Interactions, Clinical Skills and Differential Diagnosis, Nutritional Therapy, counselling, Functional Medicine testing and Botany.

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