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What happens in a consultation?

During the time that we work together, we are in a coaching relationship. I will help you to manage the changes required to create healing by creating a plan and strategies as well as giving you your herbs to take. We will discuss how you are managing these at our follow up appointments. This is a collaborative process, It is important that you are prepared to work towards your desired outcome.

An initial consultation with me will usually take around 90minutes. During this time we will discuss in detail the presenting complaint but also your diet, lifestyle and wider context of your experience of all these aspects. I may also perform some simple investigations such as taking your blood pressure or performing physical examination.

 This enables me to take a holistic view, find the root of and address the particular problem effectively by making a bespoke a herbal prescription and plan for you. 

A course of herbal treatment may be proposed. This may take the form of a tincture (a herbal extract preserved in alcohol), a tea, powdered herbs in capsules or a topical application such as a cream.

I will also suggest dietary and lifestyle changes or a different therapy such as massage.

I may ask you to consult your GP for further tests or arrange to use a private laboratory if certain tests are unavailable from your GP.

Follow up appointments are usually at 4 week intervals although I may ask you to check in after the first fortnight at first. A follow up appointment usually takes 35-45 minutes depending on the complexity of your circumstances.

Consultations: About

Charging and pricing

Block booking:

I give a discount For block bookings.

Book and pay for 3 consultations including basic herbs for each consultation in advance and get 15% off.  I get to implement a more detailed treatment strategy for you based on your commitment.

*Please note I charge in full for missed appointments or short notice cancellation. Discretion applied.


First consultation

Our first consultation (90 minutes to 2 hours)


Follow up

For follow ups (30-45 minutes).


Repeat dispensing

Repeat dispensing (without consultation) £10

Charges for herbs:

Basic herb supply. Herbs are £39.50 for 4 weeks worth of herbs of one type. That’s usually a tincture but can also be capsules or herbal teas.

A tincture is a liquid extract of herbs that’s preserved and extracted in alcohol and water. Doses are commonly 5-10ml 3X/day.

Alcohol free liquid preparations can be made up POA.

I charge additionally for any extra items that you may need and they are priced individually.

I also make up bespoke creams, lotions and other preparations for topical use.

I reserve the right to make changes to my prices. Some herbs and preparations may be POA.

Consultations: Price List
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