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Lis Jorgensen

Medical Herbalist in Somerset

I run a face to face practice, with clinics in Taunton and the Challick Wood Herbs HQ on the Somerset / Devon border.

Currently I also offer online consultations to enable treatment within Covid19 compliance guidelines.

Throughout my life I have had two great interests; to appreciate & understand the deep powers of the natural world and to learn the creative skills necessary for sustaining ourselves within.

For me, herbal medicine is an ultimate expression & exploration of the intricate relationship we have with the natural world. To find that all around us are powerful medicinal plants, ready to help ease and enhance our journeys through life is a wonderful and inspiring thing to me. The practice of herbal medicine not only deepens our relationships to plants and nature but to one another also.

As a traditional holistic practitioner, I aim to help the whole person

by addressing the root cause of a problem and not the symptoms. Advice

may be sought for many conditions of the various body systems including;

  • Nutrition

  • Post Viral Recovery

  • Hormonal inc. PMS and menopause

  • Digestion inc. IBS, SIBO, reflux, constipation and more

  • Skin problems inc. eczema and psoriasis

  •  Stress, Anxiety, sleep problems

  • Fatigue and immune issues

  • Heart and circulation

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Get in Touch

Lis is a Somerset Based Herbalist,
available for consultation appointments and courses at Challick Wood Herbs.

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